Double Shot Theater Festival (4/21/24)

Well, the Tacoma Armory is slick.

A Sunday afternoon afforded all the parking you could lust after. 

I’m living a block from Capitol Hill. Every morning when I come home from working the graveyard shift, I have to practically pull my hair out looking for a spot to park a sedan. These are the days when you wish you had one of those tiny European thingies that aren’t really safe on the freeway. What is driving anyway? It is best when it is goingt’the store for bread and milk.

The theatre seating wasn’t really theatre seating but dinner party seating, and the concessions, pointed out at the start, was a veritable Feast, from which I took away a slim can of red wine. 

Also on offer at the elegant concessions were chocolate croissants. That would have been the way to go.

The plays were delectable. Everything was workmanlike. It was a jigsaw puzzle whose parts all fit together. 

Smooth. Aesthetically satisfying. What a great talent pool they have in Tacoma.

The gamut of emotional tone ran from a lesbian couple realizing that one did not wish to continue their marriage; a magic curse of blindness revealed as guilt; and children and their developmental issues symbolized in the playground. THE CHEESE TOUCH.

The Festival was one weekend and one weekend only, so I can’t tell you to scamper down there for tickets, but it certainly bears watching for next year.

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