18th & Union’s Animal Saints & Animal Sinners 2 (PARTIAL REVIEW) (11/11/21)

Now, first, let me say, I had to dash out to my car from work to watch some of the show on break, but that does not preclude me from opening my big mouth about it.

I first heard about these naughty animals about fifteen years ago when I saw Bret Fetzer relating their exploits at a club in Portland, and here we are, all these years later, the animals are still misbehaving, and look who’s back in town.

I got far enough into the show to find out about some lugubrious bears and the coo coo poodle obsessions of the rich before I had to go back in and work. It was one of those emergency health care “Can you come in right now?” situations; otherwise, I would have been sitting there like a normal person, having normalcy and then a pile of relief drinks. 

The biggest thing about the show was thrown out by the House Manager in his opening speech, “Is this your first time back in the theatre?”

That was pretty much the emotional tone of everything this week. I don’t know why I got activated this week except it’s the first week in November, the biggest theatre month of the year, the month when nice guys come in from the sun.


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