Vashon Repertory Theatre’s Kiki in the Woods of Present Memory  (postponed on 11/15/21 due to power outage)

OOPS! READING POSTPONED! and I did all this writing!

Bryan Willis is always somehow subtly guilting me about playwriting. Yes, I can playwright. In my youth, I had a great ouevre planned — an ouevre that now seems not quite right somehow. Five or six of those early play ideas are worthy of being written and still call to me, but not thirty. I can’t imagine having to churn out a play — or five! -- on commission every year. It is an obscene exercise in playwright franchising

So it is a relief to see that he has found other people willing to do the job so I can watch.

Now let’s talk about this dreaded business of AFFORDING THE TRIP, for that is what I was on about with Bryan from the start. Vashon Island? How many of us can make that $32 ferry trip in our cars? 

I came up with a solution. It is called the bus, and it would have worked if this were a normal bus situation, say, in New York where everyone rides the bus because there is no sense in cars. There is not enough road space, nor enough time, nor any parking under $100 a day. So no cars. The problem is, I have scarcely been on a bus since I bought a car in 2018 to live in Seattle with. I used to merrily dive into the public transit in New York, and, oddlly enough, it takes about as long to get anywhere there as here. It is just that in New York, it is expected to take the subway and the bus, whereas here it is considered a hardship and greatly pitied, so anyone who does it is deemed a loser whereas they might just be getting a lot of reading done as well as keeping down that carbon footprint. 

As it turns out, Vashon’s only bus only runs until 5:30 p.m. or so. I reported this to Bryan who was, at that very moment, reporting to everyone that it was no biggie since there was no play anyway due to a power outage.

I have concluded that for the rescheduled January reading, I will have to be proactive about getting to Vashon on the other ferry, the one that goes from West Seattle where there are more theatregoers of our price range than Tacoma where there are, evidently, fewer. So it will be a situation of beating the bush myself to get people to pitch in the $5 or so for the ride. 

So, in January, ¡Alla nos vemos!

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